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Tom Parker has released his first song since being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

The Wanted star has joined forces with ‘X Factor’ star Ollie Marland and released a cover of Tamia’s 1998 track ‘So Into You’ under the name Lost + Found.

The ‘Glad You Came’ hitmaker said: “This song came about when we first moved into our then-new studio. I came in early and played an instrumental we’d been working on the week before and started to sing the song over it.

“Ollie thought, ‘That’s incredible, what is that?’ Not realising that it was the absolute R&B classic, originally by Tamia.

“The song fitted perfectly over the chords and beats we’d already done and it just felt right.”

The single’s release comes after Tom announced his devastating diagnosis in October, and vowed to “fight this all the way” by raising awareness and researching the treatments available.

In joint statement with his wife Kelsey, they wrote: “Hey guys, you know that we’ve both been quiet on social media for a few weeks and it’s time to tell you why. There’s no easy way to say this but I’ve sadly been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and I’m already undergoing treatment. We decided, after a lot of thought, that rather than hiding away and trying to keep it a secret, we would do one interview where we could lay out all the details and let everyone know the facts in our own way.

“We are all absolutely devastated but we are gonna fight this all the way. We don’t want your sadness, we just want love and positivity and together we will raise awareness of this terrible disease and look for all available treatment options. It’s gonna be a tough battle but with everyone’s love and support we are going to beat this. Tom and Kelsey xxx. (sic)”

Soon after sharing the news, the 32-year-old star’s wife gave birth to their second child, son Bodhi, a sibling for daughter Aurelia, 17 months.

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Nicole Scherzinger | Nicole Scherzinger: The Pussycat Dolls were ahead of their time

nicole scherzinger 2225670

Nicole Scherzinger believes Pussycat Dolls were “ahead of [their] time”.

The ‘Don’t Cha’ hitmakers were known for their raunchy dance routines and daring costumes but with their reunion tour ahead of them, the 42-year-old star insisted fans will be buying tickets because they love their songs.

And Nicole hinted that the artists who have followed Pussycat Dolls to success are far more risqué than they ever were.

She said: “I think our music speaks for itself, which is why we were always such a global success.

“We were ahead of our time and I think the Rihannas, the Miley Cyruses definitely stripped past us and now with the Cardi Bs and the Nicki Minajs it’s a completely different show.

“I think what’s really important was our intention of empowering women and our focus is to put on the best show we possibly can.”

The ‘Buttons’ group’s tour was originally postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic and is now scheduled to take place in May, and Nicole is excited about getting on the road with the group because she’s in a better place to enjoy the experience this time around.

She told The Times Weekend magazine: “Nothing could have prepared us for that whirlwind that would hit with the success of Don’t Cha — there was no sleep and a different country every day for several years.

“And I was a different person back then. I’ve evolved. Then I was very hard on myself.

“I was always thinking, ‘What’s the next hit? What can be better?’ I was never really just living in the moment and enjoying it. But coming back you can truly appreciate it.”

The brunette beauty – who has spoken openly about her struggles with bulimia – has changed because of her life experiences.

Asked what made her different now, she said: “It’s called life, it’s called loving, it’s called heartbreak.”

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Cardi B | Cardi B pledges to speak her mind on social media

cardi b 2225605

Cardi B will continue to speak her mind on social media.

The chart-topping rap star has insisted she won’t shy away from posting divisive things on social media, after bemoaning criticism of new US President Joe Biden.

Cardi, 28, wrote on Twitter: “How they trying to impeach Biden already ? He hasn’t even taken a s*** at the White House yet .This just shows me how delusional and dumb people can be. (sic)”

The rapper was subsequently told to “stay in [her] lane” and avoid speaking about politics on social media.

In response, the outspoken star explained: “This is my lane .Im a American that pays taxes right ?Are you a politician? ….No! Sooo how is this your landless more then mine ? (sic)”

Cardi has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, Biden’s predecessor, in recent months.

The rap star blasted Trump in an interview last year, describing him as an ineffectual leader.

Cardi said: “Those people that he caters [to], he’s not going to do anything for them. It’s not like Republicans are getting better housing. It’s not like Republicans are getting better benefits. They’re not.

“He’s not doing anything for anybody. He’s just saying things that appease the same people.”

Cardi hopes Biden will adopt an entirely different approach.

She explained: “I want a president who makes me feel secure. I want a president who understands the pain of the people. I want a president who is going to give us answers.

“That’s why I like [New York governor Andrew] Cuomo. I like him because he makes me feel like he’s listening to me.”

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Elisabeth Shue | Elisabeth Shue is so proud of the lasting legacy of her 1980s movies

elisabeth shue 2225066

Elisabeth Shue is immensely proud that the movies she made in the 1980s still have such huge fan bases.

The 57-year-old actress – who appeared in the likes of ‘The Karate Kick’, ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ and both ‘Back To The Future’ sequels – is delighted at the legacy she has built on the silver screen.

Appearing on the ‘ID10T with Chris Hardwick’ podcast, she said: “It is incredible, it’s amazing that I happened to end up in a bunch of movies in the 80s that meant so much to people and that people still see.

“It’s pretty cool. I really am very grateful for that, for sure.”

Teen comedy ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ – which was Chris Columbus’ directorial debut – is one of her favourite parts to look back on, particularly as it’s a film she and her three kids – Miles, Stella and Agnes – with husband Davis Guggenheim have been able to watch together.

She added: “Oh, I love that movie! It’s one of my favourites, for sure!

“I’ve been able to watch that movie a lot – not a lot, but enough because it’s one of those movies your kids can watch. I think they’ve all watched it once or twice.

“It was my first starring role. It was a really wonderful time in my life, my brothers all came to the set – I think if you look you can find each one of them in background scenes.

“So that was very special – even my father is in it!”

More recently, Shue reprised her ‘Karate Kid’ role as Ali Mills in the third season of series ‘Cobra Kai’ – and her decision to sign up was motivated by her absence from the sequels.

She explained: “I was very grateful to get the truth of Ally’s story in ‘Karate Kid 2’ cleared up. That meant a lot of me, I have to say.

“I was bitter about that situation for many years! I really was! I never watched Karate Kid 2 or 3 because of it.”

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