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President Street had a “really fun” time filming their music video on their phones.

The pop duo were forced to scrap their original plans for the ‘Something To Believe’ promo because of the measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic and though they were worried it would be “pretty scary” filming the footage alone, they had a great time.

Singer Ruby said: “We had a lot of different potential ideas and were hoping to work with the director who did our previous music video, however with the limitations of recording on an iPhone and the two of us, we couldn’t execute our original plans.

“Even though we never thought we’d make our own music video and the idea was initially pretty scary, the experience was actually really fun!

“Pete did a great job behind the camera and we both took each other’s direction well. We must give a shout out to the editing assistance of Shaun Xiang and Peter Nathan who helped us create the end product.”

The pandemic has caused havoc for the band as not only did they have to axe their tour plans, they haven’t even been able to see one another properly to work on new music in the way they’d like to.

They explained: “On the negative side we were set to do tours in Japan and the UK this year. But obviously that can’t happen until next year- all going well in the world.

“It’s been hard for the two of us to catch up and get work done together as Melbourne has been under strict lockdown for most of the year and at the moment we can’t travel further than 5km from our homes!”

However, the enforced break has meant the Australian duo will have plenty of new songs to show off to fans when they do get back on the road.

They added: “The positive has definitely been that we had that extra time to write more songs at the beginning of the year when the lockdown wasn’t as severe. So we’re really looking forward to getting those out and touring with them next year.”

And once there’s more scope to move around, the duo are considering relocating to the UK.

They said: “It’s been so great receiving such support on the UK. We loved touring last year all over and we would absolutely consider moving over as it makes a lot of sense for us!”

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Gwyneth Paltrow | Gwyneth Paltrow ‘educating’ makeup artist on clean beauty

gwyneth paltrow 2170472

Gwyneth Paltrow has “educated” her makeup artist on clean beauty.

The ‘Mortdecai’ actress’ makeup artist Georgie Eisdell has revealed how Gwyneth’s Goop company has given her “quite the education” about clean beauty and making “skin looking and feeling great”.

She said: “I threw myself into the world of clean beauty [when] one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer about six years ago now. When she was preparing for treatment, I wanted to make sure she had everything she needed to keep her skin looking and feeling great and to have some options for her for when she wanted to wear makeup …

“Being around the team at Goop has made me a lot more aware of what we can and should be looking at when it comes to beauty. I have had quite the education and I am grateful for it.”

And Georgie likes to use “brighter cheek colours” for Gwyneth’s looks.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, she added: “I love Goop’s Enriching Face Oil and Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer, and I am obsessed with the GoopGlow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator. I also love to use brighter cheek colours on her. Jillian Dempsey’s Cheek and Lip Tints are my faves — I love Poppy or Scarlet. [For mascara,] like to use Saie’s Mascara 101. With lips, I mix it up with brands like Beautycounter, Ilia, and Saie … I love that Saie is clean, safe, and performs. My favourite part is you don’t need to use a single brush to apply any of it if you don’t want to.”

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The K-Pop Phenomenon |

bts amas 2017 credit pa images

First of all, we need to explain to those who don’t recognize the name that K-Pop is a short word for Korean Pop. And “Hallyu,” which means, “Korean Wave,” is used to describe the impact on the South Korean culture’s influence, and it’s an industry worth billions of dollars. The K-Pop trend started after Psy released the song, “Gangnam Style,” which was massively successful all over the world. Currently, the video has 3.8 billion views on YouTube. In this article, we will introduce you to the most famous bands and their hits. 

BTS at the 2017 American Music Awards / Photo Credit:  Hahn Lionel/ABACA/PA Images


Korean pop became a phenomenon after the group BTS, who debuted in 2013, released the song, “Fake Love” in 2018 while they were already famous in Korea since they released an album called WINGS in 2016. After that album, BTS became popular in the west as well, and their fandom grew bigger and bigger. Their fans are called ARMYS, and they are considered the most powerful fandom in the music industry. They don’t have a specific concept, and they have written three albums about self-love: “Love Yourself: Her,” “Love Yourself: Tear,” and “Love Yourself: Answer.” BTS’s DYNAMITE got 101.1M views in 24 hours, topped the Billboard Hot 100 and became the most liked K-Pop music video on YouTube, having twenty million likes despite it coming out two months ago.  The seven boys are worshiped worldwide and plan a comeback with a new album on November 20th. This news was so exciting to their fans, it was as if they were playing and having fun in a casino online.  Some of them make solo appearances with tremendous success, like Taehyung with the song “Sweet Night” on most countries on iTunes (113 countries). They have won more than 350 awards all over the globe and broke more than 20 records like the most viewed video in 24 hours, the first K-Pop group to perform on a major US award show, and so many others.


Blackpink is a girl group with four members that debuted on August 8th, 2016, under YG Entertainment. They are the highest-charting female Korean act on Billboard 100, and they have the most 40 hits in the UK among all Korean artists. Rumors say that they will have a comeback album in December. They are the most-followed girl group on Spotify, and they have an enormous fan base who call themselves blinks. Their international success came in 2018 when they released their first Korean-language EP with the title, “Square Up” with the lead single, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” which debuted at number 17 on the Official Trending Chart in the United Kingdom. That was the beginning of their success, followed by tours all over the world. They have collaborated with Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, and Selena Gomez. Netflix released a documentary to show their home lives, their rehearsals, and interviews. They recently appeared in the vast talk shows Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live! They are described as the biggest girl group in the world, and they are recognized as spreading Korean music all around the globe. The band also makes huge deals with cosmetic and fashion brands like Dior, Chanel, and Saint Laurent. They were global ambassadors for Kia Motors, and they endorsed Samsung, worked with Adidas, Puma, Sprite, and many others. They are also known for their charities as well, and their last was a relief fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the music industry. They have also won many awards and are the first female K-Pop act to win an MTV Music Video Award.

Other K-Pop artists

Even though the pressure of being a K-Pop artist is enormous, and some of the young artists have taken their own life, many other bands stick together and thrive in the industry. Super M is one of them—with many members having amalgamated from other bands. Other successful bands are EXO, TWICE, 2NE1, Itzy, Stray Kids, TXT, Ateez, ENHYPEN, Wonder Girls, Super Junior and so many others. The sure thing is that the K-Pop industry is here to stay, and their music has an impact all around the world, creating massive fandoms that follow them on every social media platform. 

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Crowded House | Crowded House release first new music in a decade

neil finn 2170337

Crowded House have returned with their first new music in 10 years.

Neil Finn and co released the single, ‘Whatever You Want’, their first new material since 2010’s ‘Intriguer’ album, which comes with a Mac DeMarco-featuring music video.

The Nina Ljeti-directed promo sees the Canadian singer/songwriter wake up with a hangover and a foggy-head about what went down the night before.

Neil commented: “Waking up with the fear after last night’s revelry. We can all relate to that.

“Thanks to Mac for working through the pain and showing us redemption.”

Although it’s the first new music from Crowded House in a decade, Neil teamed up with his Fleetwood Mac bandmates Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie for a charity single in June.

The ‘Weather With You’ hitmaker – who joined the ‘Go Your Own Way’ legends as a full-time member in the wake of Lindsey Buckingham’s departure from the band in April 2018 – penned the track ‘Find Your Way Back Home’ about the homelessness in the city of Auckland in his home country of New Zealand, with money raised from sales of the song benefiting the Auckland City Mission.

And he got Stevie to add her vocals to the song, whilst Christine received a writing credit.

He said at the time: “I live in a pretty fortunate situation, and I move in circles that are not in daily contact with homeless people.

“So, it’s good to be able to find a pathway in your head to relate to some degree.

“I haven’t felt compelled to go down that path in terms of speaking out.

“But in terms of trying to do some kindly acts as you strike situations, I think that’s compulsive and we should all be trying to do that.”

The 62-year-old musician admitted it was a “challenge” to be “direct” about the issue at hand and avoid sounding “nebulous and abstract”.

He added: “I had every incentive to make sure that the words were evocative, simple, relatable, truthful and not crass or message-y.

“It’s easy to be nebulous and abstract … So, to be direct in a way is a real challenge.”

Meanwhile, Crowded House have announced a tour of New Zealand for 2021.

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