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A ‘Thomas & Friends’ film is in development.

‘World War Z’ director Marc Forster is helming the project based on the popular children’s franchise, and the big screen adaptation is being developed by Mattel Films and production company 2Dux.

The companies confirmed that ‘Thomas & Friends’ will be a family adventure that blends live-action and animation, while the screenplay has been written by Alyssa Hill and Kevin McKeon.

Forster expressed his delight at working on a film about one of the favourite characters from his youth.

The 50-year-old filmmaker said: “Thomas has been a personal favourite of mine since childhood.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Robbie and the entire team at Mattel, and embarking on this beautiful journey with such a timeless property.”

Mattel Films boss Robbie Brenner added: “‘Thomas’ is a beloved global franchise that focuses on the importance of friendship, a theme that resonates deeply with children and parents around the world.

“Marc is an incredible storyteller and I look forward to partnering with him to tell Thomas’ story in a modern and unexpected way.”

Forster is also serving as a co-producer on the movie with 2Dux co-founder Renee Wolfe.

‘Thomas & Friends’ was created in 1945 by Reverend Wilbert Awdry in stories for his son Christopher.

It focuses on Thomas the Tank Engine and his locomotive friends and has spawned a television series, toys and apps.

The movie joins a host of other Mattel Films projects in development, including films based on toys such as ‘Barbie’ and ‘Hot Wheels’.

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Paris Jackson | Paris Jackson releases debut solo single

paris jackson 2171242

Paris Jackson has released her debut solo single.

The 22-year-old star has followed in the footsteps of her late father Michael Jackson by forging a solo career in music, and her new song ‘Let Down’ dropped on Friday (30.10.20), ahead of her solo album ‘Wilted’ being released on November 13th.

Paris wrote on Twitter: “just realized i haven’t really been on here all that much. i got a single and a music video coming out oct 30 if any of y’all are interested. i’m pretty damn stoked on it tbh (sic)”

She also went live on Instagram to celebrate the release of her new tune and music video, and several stars congratulated her on the song.

Her namesake, Paris Hilton, wrote: “So proud of you sis!! (sic)”

Singer Andy Hull wrote on Twitter: “so proud of this record! (sic)”

Jackson – who is also in a folk-pop band, the Soundflowers – was delighted that her new song made it into music streaming service Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

She wrote on her Instagram Stories: “holy s***!!!! #newmusicfriday thank you @spotify (sic)”

Shortly before she went live on Instagram with her guitar in hand, Paris celebrated her new release by having lunch with her older brother Prince Jackson.

She wrote: “lunch with big bro @princejackson (sic)”

While Paris’ dad Michael – who died of acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009 aged 50 – was known as “the King of Pop”, she has previously described her sound as alternative folk.

In July, Paris admitted she has always wanted her 23-year-old brother’s “approval”, and admitted she was pleased her sibling is a fan of the music she has been making with her band.

She said: “He’s everything to me, you know?

“I’ve always looked up to him and always wanted his approval and everything, and wanted to be more like him. So to hear him approve, not just approve but enjoy what I do, it’s everything to me.”

The pair also have a younger sibling, Prince Michael II, who was nicknamed Blanket and is now known as Bigi.

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Ashley Graham | Ashley Graham’s hair loss

ashley graham 2170470

Ashley Graham‘s “whole hairline fell out” after she had a baby.

The model has recalled how four months after she gave birth to her son Isaac, she experienced some hair loss and is now slowly starting to see it grow back.

Speaking about her haircare routine, she said: “I go to sleep with my hair wet. I part it down the middle and then douse my head with John Frieda Dream Curls. I’ve been using it since I was 15 years old. This is the only way I can get a full head of hair when I wake up in the morning … In the morning, I have slightly frizzy waves. I have this finishing gel by Vientti. Four months postpartum my whole hairline fell out, and now I have a bunch of cowlicks from all the baby hair growing in. This gel isn’t too thick, and it tames my centre part. It can be so heartbreaking when you’re looking at your child, and he’s so healthy and adorable, and then you look at yourself, and you’re, like, what is happening to me? These are things women go through!”

And the 32-year-old model likes to emulate Tracee Ellis Ross‘ skin-care routine.

She added to the New York Times newspaper: “I like to use skin-care products that my skin idols use. Tracee Ellis Ross, her skin looks phenomenal. She’s on Skinceuticals right now, so I’m on Skinceuticals right now. I’ve been using the Phloretin CF serum. It’s stinky, but again because it stinks, I know it’s working, ha! I also use the vitamin C serum and the Triple Restore moisturizer. It’s ah-mazing. Sometimes I use the Restore lip stuff. It tastes disgusting, but I think it’s helping my lips.

“Through quarantine, I’ve been eating whatever I want. That’s probably why I’ve been getting acne on my forehead. I use my Mario Badescu drying solution only after my Dr. Pimple Popper picking kit. If you’ve ever used a lancer on yourself, this is addictive! You have to be OK with poking a needle in your face, but I’m really good at it.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow | Gwyneth Paltrow ‘educating’ makeup artist on clean beauty

gwyneth paltrow 2170472

Gwyneth Paltrow has “educated” her makeup artist on clean beauty.

The ‘Mortdecai’ actress’ makeup artist Georgie Eisdell has revealed how Gwyneth’s Goop company has given her “quite the education” about clean beauty and making “skin looking and feeling great”.

She said: “I threw myself into the world of clean beauty [when] one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer about six years ago now. When she was preparing for treatment, I wanted to make sure she had everything she needed to keep her skin looking and feeling great and to have some options for her for when she wanted to wear makeup …

“Being around the team at Goop has made me a lot more aware of what we can and should be looking at when it comes to beauty. I have had quite the education and I am grateful for it.”

And Georgie likes to use “brighter cheek colours” for Gwyneth’s looks.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, she added: “I love Goop’s Enriching Face Oil and Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer, and I am obsessed with the GoopGlow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator. I also love to use brighter cheek colours on her. Jillian Dempsey’s Cheek and Lip Tints are my faves — I love Poppy or Scarlet. [For mascara,] like to use Saie’s Mascara 101. With lips, I mix it up with brands like Beautycounter, Ilia, and Saie … I love that Saie is clean, safe, and performs. My favourite part is you don’t need to use a single brush to apply any of it if you don’t want to.”

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