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Sam Smith has won the Song of the Year gong at the BMI London Awards 2020.

The 28-year-old singer’s hit track ‘Dancing with a Stranger’ – which features American singer Normani – bagged the prestigious accolade at the annual awards ceremony on Monday (05.10.20), which was held to honour the top UK and European songwriters, composers and music publishers of the past year.

The awards were held virtually this year with winners announced across BMI’s digital and social channels, and video messages from the honourees can be accessed through the BMI website.

Shirin Foroutan, Vice President, Creative, Europe, said in a statement: “We’re thrilled to pay tribute to BMI’s top UK and European music creators and celebrate the numerous ways their artistry and creativity have enhanced the lives of many over the past year.

“From BMI’s first-time award winners to our legendary songwriters and composers, we thank you for your enduring musical contributions, and we look forward to celebrating with you all in person at next year’s ceremony.”

Song of the Year is awarded to the most performed song in the United States of the previous year by a UK or European writer.

Elsewhere during the ceremony, the top 30 most-performed pop songs written by UK or European songwriters were also announced, with lyrical genius Ed Sheeran taking home a total of six trophies for his work on ‘Beautiful People’, ‘Cross Me’, ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Tip of My Tongue’, ‘What Am I’, and ‘2002’.

Ed’s collection of BMI awards features 25 London and 17 US Pop, including 2015, 2016 and 2017 London Song of the Year, and 2016 Dance Song of the Year.

Ellie Goulding also received credit for her hits ‘Hate Me’ and ‘Close to Me’, whilst Niall Horan bagged an award for co-writing ‘Nice To Meet Ya’.

BMI Million-Air Awards were also distributed to recognise the iconic songs that have reached a million or more broadcast performances by UK and European songwriters and publishers.

Winners of the Million-Air awards included Van Morrison, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Sting, Bernie Marsden, Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet, Peter Gabriel, and Ed Sheeran, was also recognised for five million performances of ‘Shape of You’ and four million performances of ‘Perfect’ and ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

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Sir Paul McCartney | Sir Paul McCartney announces new album

mccartney iii 2165353

Sir Paul McCartney has confirmed his new album, ‘McCartney III’.

The Beatles hitmaker will release the third album in a trilogy of classics on December 11, following on from 1970’s album ‘McCartney’ and 1980’s ‘McCartney II’, which he has been working on during lockdown.

The singer and musician hadn’t planned to release new music in 2020 but he found himself working on some old tunes during lockdown and has even created some new tracks too. ‘McCartney III’ promises to be “a stripped back, self-produced and, quite literally, solo work marking the opening of a new decade, in the tradition of 1970’s ‘McCartney’ and 1980’s ‘McCartney II.'”

Of the new record, Sir Paul shared: “I was living lockdown life on my farm with my family and I would go to my studio every day. I had to do a little bit of work on some film music and that turned into the opening track and then when it was done I thought what will I do next? I had some stuff I’d worked on over the years but sometimes time would run out and it would be left half-finished so I started thinking about what I had. Each day I’d start recording with the instrument I wrote the song on and then gradually layer it all up, it was a lot of fun. It was about making music for yourself rather than making music that has to do a job. So, I just did stuff I fancied doing. I had no idea this would end up as an album.”

‘McCartney III’ will be released on December 11 on Capitol Records.

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Halloween Pop Party: The spooky pop tunes you need for your playlist

billie eilish dnc 2020 credit pa images

Most people seem to think that rock and gothic tunes are the best suited to Halloween playlists, but the truth is you can have just as much of a spooky blast with upbeat, danceable pop songs if guitars just aren’t your thing. We’ve put together a playlist of the most fun horror-inspired contemporary pop numbers perfect for your socially-distanced Halloween gatherings.

Billie Eilish at the 2020 Democratic National Convention / Photo Credit: Democratic National Convention v/DPA/PA Images

Bury A Friend – Billie Eilish

Frankly pretty much any song from Billie Eilish’s debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? makes an awesome addition to any spooky playlist, but this one was written from the viewpoint of a monster under the bed. It’s eerie electropop with dark lyrics, and even the video elevates that horror element. 

Sweet but Psycho – Ava Max

This American singer found fame with 2018’s Sweet but Psycho, which featured on her debut album ‘Heaven & Hell’ released in September 2020. If you’re unsure of its appropriateness for a Halloween playlist, it actually opens with an ear-splitting scream. The video has a violent premise and has been likened to both The Shining and Fatal Attraction

She Wolf – Shakira 

We can hardly believe that it’s been over a decade since this banger of a track first hit, alongside an album of the same name. The full moon werewolf vibes still give us chills and we’ll stop howling “Ah-WOOO!” during those choruses. The song is actually about a woman who craves the attention she’s not getting from her partner, but on Halloween there’s a whole new meaning.

Cannibal – Kesha

If this 2010 song hadn’t had a resurgence this year thanks to TikTok, we might have forgotten its existence. We are grateful it popped up again though because the graphic imagery and casual reference to Jeffrey Dahmer makes it the perfect song for this time of year. It featured on her Cannibal EP which came along as a companion to 2010’s Animal album. We’re determined to keep this on our playlist forever now.

Boogieman – Childish Gambino

Donald Glover’s third studio album “Awaken, My Love!” was an amazing collection of psychedelic soul, but Boogieman is definitely one of our favourites. Lyrics aside, the arrangement itself just sounds so spooky; that distorted evil laugh gets the hairs on the back of our necks up every time.

Disturbia – Rihanna

Disturbia has got to be one of Rihanna’s catchiest songs. From her third album re-release Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded, the song details feelings of inner anxiety, packaged with hints of rock and a generally much darker sound for the singer. Plus, the nightmarish video is chock full of horror themes that even likened her to Marilyn Manson at the time.

Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

Taylor actually rises from the grave in the video for this 2017 hit so don’t try to tell us it’s not Halloween appropriate. It was one of our top videos for 2017! Her vocals transformed from pop sweetheart to sultry and dangerous to show that she was truly “over it”. It was one hell of a comeback and it even made us a little afraid of the singer.

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Paul McCartney | Paul McCartney ‘finishes work on final album in trilogy’

sir paul mccartney 2164633

Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly finally finished the third in a trilogy of solo albums.

The Beatles legend – who released his debut solo LP ‘McCartney’ in 1970 and followed with ‘McCartney II’ a decade later – is set to announce the next record on Thursday (22.10.20).

A source told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Paul has been totally alone, with no producer or sound engineer, while making this record, just as he was for the previous two volumes.

“Obviously this time around recording in isolation wasn’t his choice.

“But it made complete sense for this album to be the third in the trilogy, particularly given the first came out five decades ago.”

It’s said Macca “had to get experimental” recording during the coronavirus lockdown, and the ‘Hey Jude’ hitmaker was happy to use whatever he could find around the house.

The insider added: “It’s been a true solo effort and he had to get experimental with what he used as instruments, hence the saucepan.

“He’s now gearing up to put it out in the coming weeks, with a global announcement due tomorrow.”

There have been some hints recently to tease the announcement, particularly on Spotify when a dice with three dots appears on the album covers when you listen to the first two albums in the trilogy.

On social media, there have been cryptic posts of things in sets of threes, while a new website domain – – was registered over the summer.

Sir Paul – whose most recent solo effort was ‘Egypt Station’ in 2018 – previously said: “I’ve been able to write and get into music, starting songs, finishing songs.

“I’ve had a few little things to write and it’s given me the time to finish some songs that I hadn’t found the time to get around to.”

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