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As some degree of normality returns to a crazy year and artists stop delaying their overdue album releases (COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere any time soon after all), it looks like 2020 may not be a write-off for music in the end. Quarantine has obviously been good for some artists’ creativity, because there’s some seriously interesting looking releases coming this month alone.

Lana Del Rey at the 2020 Grammy Awards / Photo Credit: Image Press Agency/SIPA USA/PA Images

1. Lana Del Rey – Chemtrails over the Country Club 
(September 5)

Her last album Norman F***ing Rothwell was in our top 10 albums of 2019, so we were thrilled to hear that we could expect a brand new album only a year later. Initially titled White Hot Forever, Lana Del Rey is giving very little away about her forthcoming record, only this week teasing the video set for the title track. She’s never disappointed us yet though.

Marilyn Manson - We Are ChaosMarilyn Manson – We Are Chaos

2. Marilyn Manson – We Are Chaos
(September 11)

When will we finally grow out of Marilyn Manson? The answer is, of course, never. We can’t wait for his eleventh studio album We Are Chaos and the fact that country musician Shooter Jennings is on board as a producer only serves to pique our interest more. There’s also a new drummer (Black Flag’s Brandon Pertzborn) and apparently a lot of piano. If you’re not intrigued, you’re lying.

Everything Everything - Re-AnimatorEverything Everything – Re-Animator

3. Everything Everything – Re-Animator
(September 11)

Now returning on a new indie label, AWAL, Everything Everything are preparing to drop their fifth album Re-Animator and in true Everything style, it looks to be another sensationally dreamy and uplifting album if singles Violent Sun and Planets are anything to go by. Could be just what we need from the Manchester quartet right now.

Idles - Ultra MonoIdles – Ultra Mono

4. Idles – Ultra Mono
(September 25)

After the epic that was their second album Joy as an Act of Resistance back in 2018, we are seriously giddy for the third offering from these Bristolian rockers. Idles have already debuted at least six of the tracks so far, so frankly we already know we’re in for a punk AF treat. They’re planning to support the album with a tour in May 2021, so fingers crossed for a more forgiving year ahead.

Machine Gun Kelly at the Big Time Adolescence premiere 2020 / Photo Credit: Anthony Behar/SIPA USA/PA ImagesMachine Gun Kelly at the Big Time Adolescence premiere 2020 / Photo Credit: Anthony Behar/SIPA USA/PA Images

5. Machine Gun Kelly – Tickets to My Downfall
(September 25)

Rapper MGK has gone down a more pop-punk route for his latest album Tickets to My Downfall, which could be interesting looking at musical guests which include the likes of Blink-182’s Travis Barker, Yungblud and Bert McCracken of The Used. His latest single is My Ex’s Best Friend featuring Blackbear, and we’re actually kind of living for it.

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John Boyega | John Boyega compares They Cloned Tyrone to Attack the Block

john boyega 2164000

John Boyega has likened ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ to ‘Attack the Block’.

The 28-year-old actor is starring in Juel Taylor’s Netflix sci-fi movie with Jamie Foxx and Teyonah Parris and has compared the movie to Joe Cornish‘s 2011 alien flick, in which he made his feature film debut.

John told “The film is going to be like ‘Attack the Block’ for stateside, I’ll give you that.

“Juel’s making his directorial debut with the movie and he wrote a brilliant script. I mean, you don’t just attract Jamie Foxx with nothing, this is a really well-written one that I think is going to be a lot of fun.”

Boyega went on to land a role in the ‘Star Wars’ sequel trilogy after featuring in ‘Attack the Block’ and Cornish revealed last year that the pair had discussed a potential sequel with the star.

The 51-year-old director said: “We’ve got ideas.

“I met with John a couple of months ago to talk about it. We’ve always had ideas after the first one. But obviously we’ve both been busy doing different things.”

‘Attack the Block’ was celebrated earlier this year after John’s passionate anti-racism speech at a protest in London and Joe feels that it “wonderful” that people are re-watching it.

Discussing the project having a leading black actor and being set in a London tower block, he said: “The movie’s nearly 10 years old now, and it’s trying to address issues that were fairly ingrained then, and have certainly stuck around.

“At the time when it came out, it put a lot of people’s backs up, because it has a very unusual protagonist and arc.

“It’s wonderful that people are revisiting the film.”

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Bob Gale | Bob Gale rejects Back to the Future 4

bob gale 2164026

Bob Gale has ruled out a fourth ‘Back to the Future’ film.

The 69-year-old screenwriter co-wrote the 1985 sci-fi comedy flick and two sequels with Robert Zemeckis but suggests star Michael J. Fox’s battle with Parkinson’s Disease means they would be unable to make another movie that is faithful to the originals.

Bob explained: “We told a complete story with the trilogy.

“If we went back and made another one, we’d have Michael J. Fox, who will be 60 next year, and he has Parkinson’s Disease. Do we want to see Marty McFly at age 60 with Parkinson’s Disease? Did we want to see him at age 50 with Parkinson’s Disease? I would say ‘No, you don’t want to see that.’ “

Gale – who produced all three ‘Back to the Future’ flicks – feels that it would be impossible to replace Michael as Marty McFly so would never want to tell a story that didn’t include the star.

He said: “People say, ‘Well, do it with somebody else.’ Really? Who are you going to get? All you’re gonna do is beg comparisons to the originals, and you’re not going to match up.”

Bob added that he doesn’t want to repeat the decisions of other film series such as ‘Star Wars’ by revisiting ‘Back to the Future’.

He told Collider: “We’ve seen this repeatedly with sequels that go back to the well after many, many years, and they go, ‘Ah, well, ‘The Phantom Menace’, maybe my life would have been better if I hadn’t seen it.’ There are a lot of extra sequels like that.”

Gale also explained that he and Robert have an agreement with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment which requires their blessing before another ‘Back to the Future’ film can be made.

He remarked: “We have an understanding with Spielberg and Amblin that there would never be another ‘Back to the Future’ movie without our blessing being involved. So it’s not going to happen.”

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Naomi Campbell | Naomi Campbell writing autobiography

naomi campbell 2163895

Naomi Campbell is writing her autobiography.

The 50-year-old supermodel had been contemplating writing a memoir for some time but wasn’t unsure how to start, until she received some guidance from music producer Clarence Avant.

She told America’s Vogue magazine: “I had this old-school way of looking at it as having to put pen to paper.

“But I had a lovely lunch last year with Clarence Avant. I asked him, ‘Clarence, How do you do it? How do you start writing?’ And he told me, ‘Just start from anywhere. Don’t start from the beginning.’ So it is going to happen!”

Naomi is also keen to act more, depending on who approaches her for jobs and what the role entails she will always say yes to her friend and ‘Empire’ showrunner Lee Daniels.

She said: “I mean, if it feels like something that is right, and if I fit it as a 50-year-old woman, then sign me up!”

The fashion icon is very excited about the upcoming Apple TV+ docuseries ‘The Supermodels’ – which will explore the impact she, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford had on culture in the 1990s – and revealed they had turned down a number of offers over the years until the right approach came along.

She said: “It was really worth holding out. If we are going to do something, we are going to be involved in it throughout the whole process, from beginning to end. Linda, Christy, and Cindy, these are my sisters. The four of us tell it. I wasn’t going to do it any other way.”

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