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The ‘Stranger Things’ actor is quick to alert his online followers that his Twitter account has been hacked after a series of alarming messages were posted.

Stranger Things” star Noah Schnapp‘s had his Twitter account hacked on Saturday (15Aug20) and flooded with a series of concerning and inappropriate messages.

The 15-year-old actor’s followers were initially alarmed after a message on Schnapp’s profile simply stated, “Suicidal thoughts..,” but it quickly became clear he had fallen victim to cyber criminals, as retweets from other accounts began appearing on his timeline.

“just beat the f**k out of @noah_schnapp and stole his phone #JOBS,” read one post, while a user from the @HDC account wrote, “Me and @noah_schnapp smoking a spliff.”

Others followed, including a tweet using the N-word, and although many were soon deleted, some unauthorised posts remained live as of Sunday afternoon.

Schnapp alerted fans to the security breach via his Instagram account, writing, “Someone hacked my Twitter – it’s not me, I’m trying to get back and I’ll let you know when I do.”

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Dixie D’Amelio Gets Sarcastic in Response to Critics Saying She Copies Sister Charli



Taking to her Twitter account to respond to the critics, the social media star says, ‘I would like to publicly apologize for fixing my nose…i forgot its only one broken nose per family.’

Dixie D’Amelio simply wanted to open up about her plastic surgery journey. However, instead of receiving support from her social media followers, the TikTok star was accused of copying her sister, Charli D’Amelio, who recently also got her nose done.

Dixie shared on her TikTok account on Friday, September 18 a video of her sporting bandage after her surgery. Soon after the clip was uploaded, people started accusing her of copying her sister Charlie. “Why is Dixie trying to be like Charli,” one person said. “It’s the trying to be Charli for me,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, someone else was being sarcastic, “Suddenly the whole family got breathing problems?” On the other hand, an individual echoed the sentiment, “Didn’t know the whole family got broken noses and breathing problems.” There was also someone who said, “Charli: Time to get surgery. Dixie: Wait for me.”

Dixie caught wind of the accusation and refused to remain silent just like that. Getting all sarcastic, the 19-year-old social media star said, “I would like to publicly apologize for fixing my nose…i forgot its only one broken nose per family…i’m sorry for copying you [email protected] 🙁 wont happen again!!”

1600484765 71 Dixie DAmelio Gets Sarcastic in Response to Critics Saying She

She added in a separate tweet, telling her critics, “y’all better keep the same energy when charli gets her wisdom teeth out…istg.”

1600484765 903 Dixie DAmelio Gets Sarcastic in Response to Critics Saying She

Dixie had similar breathing problems like Charli, who revealed that she broke her nose last year and has been struggling to breathe ever since. Charli said at the time, “Fun story time so I broke my nose in August and ever since then I have had breathing problems in my right nostril. I was supposed to have surgery in November to fix it but then I started having problems in my left nostril and now I can barely breathe out of my nose at all.”